The Cardiff Blues Brothers Constitution

• . The name of the Club is The Cardiff Blues Brothers (hereafter known as “CBB”).

• The Objectives of the club shall be:
• To promote and support the Cardiff Blues Rugby (hereafter known as Region) both on and off the field;
• To improve the home match day experience at Cardiff Arms Park;
• To campaign to keep the Region at Cardiff Arms Park for the foreseeable future;
• To promote a positive working relationship between all stakeholders involved in the management and operation of the region;
• To promote the interests of the Regions supporters and the Region to aid mutual understanding between stakeholders and relevant bodies;
• Campaign for the re-development of the Regions home venue, Cardiff Arms Park. This includes disabled provisions;
• To work collaboratively with the Regions charity foundation in order to engage in fundraising for the benefit of the region and future generations;
• To fundraise and promote other nominated charities at the direction of the management committee;
• To promote and champion mental health issues/awareness within the Region;
• To provide activities and service for the benefit of those who support the region;
• To provide vocal encouragement and support for the region on matchday;
• To organise and promote social facilities and/or activities;
• To foster good relations with rugby supporters from other; regions/clubs, national associations, touring teams and act at all times as ambassadors of the region;
• To assist supporters wishing to travel to away games through the provision of transport (where possible) and/or travel advice;
• To help maintain the regions brand/reputation by promoting the age grade and development sections, as well as the grassroots game within the region;
• To promote and develop an Ambassadors scheme in conjunction with the region’s charity foundation and secondary/higher education providers with the aim of increasing the number of 12-18-year olds at home region games.

• . Any supporters of the region can apply to join the CBB. Applications are to be submitted through the secretary along with the relevant fee. Membership will need to be renewed each season.
• . Membership will run from 1st July to 31st June of the relevant year. Membership will be available in three ranges, Adult (18+), Youth (12 years to 17 years) and Junior (0 to years).

• . The affairs of CBB shall be managed by the Officers and the Executive Committee.
• . The Officers of the club shall be the Chairman, the Vice Chairman, the Secretary, the Vice Secretary, and the Treasurer.
• . The Committee shall consist of no more than twelve elected members, including the Officers. Members from the region management/ operations may be invited to attend committee meetings, by the Executive Committee.
• . At all times the Executive Committee will encourage open communication between the CBB, region and stakeholders.
• . The Executive Committee and Committee will be elected from within the CBB membership.
• . Members of the Executive Committee and Committee will need to be over the age of 16.
• . Executive Committee and Committee members shall be selected via elections at the AGM.
• . The duration of the tenure shall be 3 years, before becoming eligible for further re-election.
• . Any ‘co-opted’ members will undergo the selection process for full committee membership at the next AGM.
• The business of the committee shall not be transacted unless it is a quorum and the meeting of the committee shall only be a quorum if greater than 50% of the current committee are in attendance.
• Notice of the time and place of each meeting shall be given by the Secretary to all Members of the Committee at least seven days before the date of the meeting.
• The Committee shall meet at least four times a year.
• In the event that one of the Officers shall resign or otherwise become permanently unable to continue, the Committee shall elect one of their members to perform the role.
• No Officer shall hold more than three Officer positions in the club at any one time. From time to time, the Committee may ask individual members of the club to take specific roles in organising or helping in organising events, activities, or any such related events.
• The Committee shall be empowered to invite such persons to Committee meetings to participate in discussions on the activity, but they shall not have decision making power at Committee.
• The Secretary (or Acting Secretary if Secretary is not present) will record the minutes of all meetings, but not limited to General, Special and Committee Meetings.
• Committee Members are required to attend 50% of all committee meetings in any given 12-month period.
• Mitigating circumstances such as ill health will be taken into consideration if a Committee member is unable to fulfil this obligation.

Annual General Meeting
• . An Annual General Meeting shall be held after the end of the rugby season and before 30th September each year.
• . At least 14 clear days’ notice shall be given, to all members of the club, of the date, time and place of the meeting.
• . This notice will be made via social media and posted on the CBB website.
• . Proposed and Seconded motions must be made in writing at least seven days before the Annual General Meeting, signed by Proposer and Seconder.
• . Notifications of these motions will be given at least four days before the Annual General Meeting via the CBB.
• . The purpose of the meeting shall be to transact the business of CBB and the approval of the accounts for the preceding year.

• . The authorised Cheque signatories should consist of at least three members of the Committee.
• . Cheques must be signed by any one of the authorised signatories. CBB financial year is from 1st June to 31st May.

• . When vacancies appear within the committee, the committee will advertise for replacements via the CBB website, social media and where possible through official region media channels.
• . Any applicants for a vacant position must do so by writing (or via e-mail) to the CBB Secretary no later than the date(s) posted for applications.
• . Each application must be seconded and provide contact details for both applicant and seconder.
• . The Committee will then select the most suitable candidate based on the skills required and the suitability of the candidate for the given role.

• . The Executive Committee shall fix the price of membership for each year for members of the CBB.
• . The membership year shall run from 1st July to 31st June.
• . Membership for adults (18 years plus) shall be priced at £10, membership for young people (12 to 17 years old) shall be priced at £5 and membership for those under the age of 11 shall be free of charge.
• . The executive committee will have the right to amend membership costs each year.
• . Each year (14 days before 1st July) the executive committee will release details of the membership benefits and provide confirmation of membership once the relevant payment has been received.

Special General Meeting
• . The Committee, at any time, on its own authority or upon receipt of a written application, can call a Special General Meeting.
• . The application must be signed by not less than 75% of members, or at least, but not limited to, 75 members, whichever is the greater.
• . The application must set out the reason for such meeting, and must, within fourteen days of receipt of the application, serve notice of such meeting.
• . The notice must provide the date, time and place for the meeting and contain a copy of the proposed agenda.
• . The agenda can be amended no later than 1 hour before commencement of the meeting.
• . This notice shall be made via social media or email and shall be posted on the CBB website.

• At any Special General Meeting 75 members and 75% of the Committee shall form a quorum.

• Only CBB members (aged 16 and above at time of renewal) whose current subscriptions have been paid, may vote at any General Meeting. Members can vote by proxy on any resolutions.
• The result of a vote at a General Meeting shall be decided by a simple majority of votes given, either by “show of hands” or by “secret ballot”.

• Such is defined that if any member is alleged to have brought CBB into, but not limited to;
• disrepute or to have behaved in a manner unbecoming to a member of CBB
• has been found guilty of any criminal behaviour, then
• The Committee shall have the power to suspend the membership of such a member.
• At least 14 days prior to any meeting of the Committee at which any action in relation to such allegation is to be determined, notice of the allegation and the meeting shall be given to the member and he/she shall be given opportunity to make representation in writing and in person before any determination by the Committee.
• Any decision shall be affected only by a resolution passed by the votes of two-thirds of the membership of the Committee present and voting and such decision shall be binding on that member.
• Members suspended may subsequently have their membership terminated only at the next General Meeting by a majority vote of all members present and voting.

Constitutional Disputes
• In the event of a dispute over interpretation over the Rules of the Constitution, the Chairman will determine the intended meaning.
• His/her decision is final.
• Should a need arise for the re-drafting of a disputed section, the amended section is to be agreed upon by current sitting committee members.

Alterations to the Constitution
• These rules may only be amended, altered or rescinded by Special Resolution at an Annual General Meeting, passed by a two-thirds majority of the members present and voting.
• Notice of the proposed alterations to these rules must be given in the Notice of Meeting.

• The CBB may only be wound up by the passing of a Special Resolution at a General Meeting called for that purpose and by a resolution supported by at least 75% of the Members of the Club attending the meeting.
• In the event of such dissolution the remaining funds and assets of the CBB shall be distributed to any charity connected with the game of Rugby Union, selected by the Committee.