Mental Health

We take Mental Health seriously. Our personal experiences, life events and day to day activities have shaped our passion and commitment to break the stigma around mental health. We know too well that families have lost loved ones due to men not talking about feelings and emotions. We are a brotherhood, where everyone is accepted, and everyone is free to talk about whatever may be on their mind.

Our message is simple, there is no stigma here, we have the right to talk and it’s good to talk. We all matter, we are here to talk too, we want to talk to you, you’re are not a burden or alone in this world. If you need help, please, lets have a chat.

Working with partner organisations in the community, The Cardiff Blues Brothers are developing a Mental Health programme based around Rugby and support. On a Matchday the Cardiff Blues Brothers have a designated area where men of all ages can talk, visit our Menshed page for more information. Many of our members are Mental Health Champions and have attending courses aimed at helping those that present with issues. These champions themselves have suffered from mental health issues and are aware of issues that men face in their lives.

Away from the Cardiff Arms Park we are developing a programme aimed at young men who may be self-harming, isolated in society and of low self-esteem. Through personal experiences and authenticity, we plan to provide them with creative coping techniques, positive image guides, morale boosting activities, and getting them involved in Rugby and the social benefits this can bring. The Cardiff Blues Brothers will work with Rugby figures who have been effect by Mental Health in the hope that these role models will shape and change the lives of others that are experiencing dark times.

If you are interested in our Mental Health programmes/initiatives, please get in touch with us.
We can be reached via email

Below are our partners in the Community.

Heads Above the Waves is a not-for-profit organisation that raises awareness of depression and self-harm in young people. We promote positive, creative ways of dealing with the bad days.

Self-harm affects around 1 in 12 young people, yet it remains an issue people struggle to handle, talk about, and understand. Sometimes, helping can be as simple as having a conversation, but a study by YoungMinds found that 71% of young people, 70% of parents, and 60% of teachers say they do not feel able to actually talk about self-harm.
In the last 10 years, hospital admissions as a result of self-harm in the UK have risen by 68%, and this figure is predicted to keep rising. By getting people to talk more openly about self-harm (in the same way that we do drug use or unprotected sex) and making people aware of the help that exists, Heads Above The Waves hopes to reduce hospital admissions as a result of self-harm.

Heads Above the Waves is a not-for-profit organisation that raises awareness of self-harm in young people, promoting creative and positive ways of dealing with the bad days.
– We talk openly about self-harm and depression.
– We sell merch with a message behind the designs.
– We run workshops to give people the chance to find what works for them.
– We create content to let people know that hope and help exist.

Why do we do it? Because we’ve been there ourselves, and we’ve come out the other side. You’re not alone.

For more information visit or call in and see us at The Castle Emporium, Womanby St, Cardiff CF10 1BS

First established in UK Super League in 2011, State of Mind Sport is now a much-loved national charity and international movement delivering its message across rugby league, rugby union, multiple other sports, age groups and territories. It was established with the aim of improving the mental health, wellbeing and working life of rugby league players and communities, following tragic death of Terry Newton. State of Mind aim to get people talking about mental health.

State of Mind Sport is a charity that harnesses the power of sport to promote positive mental health amongst sportsmen and women, fans, and wider communities, and ultimately to prevent suicide. State of Mind raise awareness of the issues surrounding mental health and well-being and deliver education on the subject to all levels of sport, business, education and community groups. State of mind signpost individuals to where they can receive care and support in their area.

State of Mind’s team of mental health and sport professionals deliver comprehensive education sessions throughout the UK, aimed at raising awareness of mental health issues within sport. Since State of Mind’s formation in 2010, more than 30 people have informed State of Mind that they have changed their minds about taking their own lives by attending a State of Mind fixture or mental fitness session. Its goal remains the same to continue to try to prevent future tragic events taking place.

For more information please click here go to the website.

Based in Risca and only a 30-minute direct train from Cardiff Central, The Shade group welcomes any adult who has or has had depression or anxiety to join them on the basis of mutual respect.

Several the group members travel to Risca from surrounding areas such as Chepstow, Newport, Cardiff, Pontypool and Tredegar. They all travel with the purpose aiding recovery from depression and seeking self help techniques.

Shade meet twice a week at Danygraig Church Hall (NP11 6BD) on Tuesday evening from 7pm until 9pm and on Thursday’s between 1pm and 3pm. There is no charge to attend or for membership, you are invited to go along and meet the group. The aim of the group is to support each other in a safe and confidential environment.

The group chat, listen, empathise, have fun, invite speakers, go 10 pin bowling, go out for meals, gentle walks, the list continues to grow and we welcome new ideas. Respect is the key word within this group. We try and adapt to the needs of those attending.

For more information visit or contact the SHADE secretary Sheila Twiddy on 01633619770 or via email